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Dr. Ben Carson – Evolution is Satan’s work? Not so fast.

Why are there breeds and species on the Galapagos Islands that don’t exist anywhere else on earth? Don’t look for the answer, that’s the devil’s work. This would have been Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson’s advice to Charles Darwin if he had lived 150 years ago. In 2011, Carson gave a speech about “Creationism... Read more »

Dear Mark Levin, magic won’t balance the budget

Life is hard for a fiscally conservative atheist. There’s no place to go. The word conservative in America today in regards to the economy has a two-pronged meaning. #1 Fiscally conservative #2 Right-wing religious nut Atheists who want to hear economic ideas and solutions on conservative talk radio need to put up with the childish... Read more »

Capitalism and opportunity

I obtained my college degree in Business Management at the age of 40. Obviously I didn’t go to college right after high school. For me, high school was a prison. I only wanted to graduate, turn 18, and then get my own place. That’s what I did. At eighteen years old, I was able to... Read more »