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Robert Green Ingersoll - God Slayer

You know Harris, and Sagan, and Carlin, and Dawkins, Tyson, and Maher, and Ayaan, and Hitchens, but do you recall the greatest Bible bashing heathen of all? Agnostic, atheist, heretic, heathen, humanitarian, free thinker, call him what you will. In the battle of individual liberty over religious dogma there has been no greater warrior than... Read more »

Insanity of a Jealous God

Many non-believers struggle with the fact that so many good and intelligent people actually believe in the Bible despite all the irrational nonsense. As someone who aspires to be patient and respectful, this is something I wrestle with constantly. The Second Commandment declares that god is a jealous god. How can this insanity be ignored?... Read more »