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James Kirk Wall's Greatest Hits of 2014

Below are the top ten in number of views. 10. Robert Green Ingersoll rips Jesus Christ philosophy – 6,013 page views 9. Dear Tom Cruise, where are your Scientology super powers? – 6,102 page views 8. Christopher Columbus – 8 ridiculous excuses to heroify a monster – 6,332 page views 7. Dear Neil DeGrasse Tyson,... Read more »

The day I shoulder-barged the idiot who claimed to shoulder-barge Christopher Hitchens

I’m writing a response to an article that was written by someone who goes by Taki. That’s it. Not to be confused with George Takei who’s awesome. Taki claims to have given a shoulder-barge to Christopher Hitchens. That’s an absurd lie, and it won’t go unchallenged. Most of Taki’s article has absolutely nothing to do... Read more »

Without Charles Darwin there’d still be Evolution

Darwinian evolution or Darwin’s theory of evolution is language often used by creationists. This is meant to try and undermine the science by implying it’s simply the opinion of one man. But it’s not the Darwin theory of evolution, it’s the scientific theory of evolution. And there’s no reason not to simply refer to it... Read more »

Saudi king Abdullah and Wahhabi clerics equate “atheist thought” to terrorism

How do you rule over other human beings? How do you convince people that your wealth and their poverty is justified? How do you subjugate and oppress those outside the “royal” family or religious hierarchy? Do you claim that your rule comes from god? According to the almighty creator of the universe, I am royalty... Read more »

Dear Mark Levin, magic won’t balance the budget

Life is hard for a fiscally conservative atheist. There’s no place to go. The word conservative in America today in regards to the economy has a two-pronged meaning. #1 Fiscally conservative #2 Right-wing religious nut Atheists who want to hear economic ideas and solutions on conservative talk radio need to put up with the childish... Read more »

8 reasons for the popularity of Jesus Christ

Extremely little was written about Jesus when he was alive, but if he was a historical nobody, how does one account for the popularity? How does one account for the dedication of early Christians who were persecuted and murdered before Rome adopted the Christian faith? When people are willing to face torture and death for... Read more »

Do Arizona Law makers understand the ramifications of the “anti-gay” bill?

The United States Constitution grants individual rights and liberties, but at inception these rights were not granted to all people. The high standard of human rights espoused in the Declaration of Independence were not achievable during the time the Constitution was written, but they served as a philosophy that future generations could strive for. The... Read more »

Dear Tom DeLay, you delusional idiot, the Constitution was not written by god

God did not write the United States Constitution nor is this country founded on Biblical principles. We did not allow our government to become a secular government, it always has been. The Constitution begins with “We the People,” not “I the god of Abraham.” It is not a Christian nation any more than it is... Read more »

Ken Ham uses young earth arguments debunked over 20 years ago in Bill Nye debate

Typically young earth creationists don’t use previously debunked arguments. They’ll simply invent new ones and hope there’s some kind of shelf life before they too start to smell funny when unwrapped. The creationists who have at least a tiny bit of integrity will do this, Ken Ham apparently has none. In his debate with Bill... Read more »

Dear Ken Ham, “I know this guy” is not science

After the long debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, people are looking for a simple summary of the opposing views. Right from the beginning there was a clear difference in strategy. Bill Nye focused on evidence, evidence, evidence and evidence. Ken Ham concentrated on some guy he knew, another guy he knew, and someone... Read more »