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James Kirk Wall responds to Intelligent Design and NDE argument for faith

First I would like to thank Rajiv Sobhee for his willingness to engage and publicize this discussion. Rajiv represents many people who believe in a greater intelligence but don’t subscribe to Christianity or any organized religion. In his essay Mr. Sobhee uses the classic complexity argument for design, has a brief blurb on quantum physics,... Read more »

Agnostic theist uses ID,Quantum Physics and NDE to justify the rational of faith using scientific evidence.

A gentleman by the name of Rajiv Sobhee started a dialog on my Facebook page regarding his beliefs that science points to a greater intelligence. I asked him to put together an essay which is posted below. I will reply to this argument next week. -James Kirk Wall Rajiv’s Intro: Excelling brilliantly at school, science... Read more »

Ten god crushing videos

10. The only thing to say about Captain Picard’s anti-religion rant is DAMN! 9. Anything bad read from the Bible was obviously TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! 8. Intelligent design with fine tuning? Not exactly. 7. There are absolutely no contradictions in the Bible except for the contradictions. 6. Does it make sense that Jesus died... Read more »