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Noah’s drunken stupor and the Biblical origin of slavery

Background: The all-powerful and perfect god who never makes mistakes realizes that he made a mistake in creating humans and decides to drown everyone. (Gen 6:6-7) But then in what can only be described as a miracle of infinite love and mercy, god decides not to kill absolutely everyone and spares a 600 year old... Read more »

James Kirk Wall Presents the Story of Adam and Eve

Once upon a time a singular all-powerful being with male reproductive parts made the earth and the stars. This Supreme Being made humans to look like him, except for the women who didn’t look quite like him as there were some minus and additional parts. Like the absence of a beard for example. Along with... Read more »

James Kirk Wall responds to Ray Comfort’s faith attack on science

It’s not difficult to defeat a creationist in argumentation who claims that their position is founded on science and reason. You don’t need to be a scientist or get into the weeds of DNA. All you need is to remember are the basic fundamentals of biology that you likely learned in 5th grade, but might... Read more »

Creationism forced on students in Louisiana

Activist Zack Kopplin and Senator Karen Carter Peterson lost a third bid to repeal the so called Louisiana’s Science Education Act. This misguided law that should have been repealed allows mentally unqualified science teachers to “supplement” evolution with creationism. Under that logic Mother Goose should be used to supplement U.S. History and Harry Potter should... Read more »

Blame Genesis, not Plato, for delays in evolutionary science

When fellow biologists read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in the 19th century, some outspokenly questioned why they didn’t think of it themselves. The evidence was all around them, especially in human guided breeding of animals such as pigeons and dogs. So why was something so obvious not discovered and well defined centuries if not... Read more »

Robert Green Ingersoll - God Slayer

You know Harris, and Sagan, and Carlin, and Dawkins, Tyson, and Maher, and Ayaan, and Hitchens, but do you recall the greatest Bible bashing heathen of all? Agnostic, atheist, heretic, heathen, humanitarian, free thinker, call him what you will. In the battle of individual liberty over religious dogma there has been no greater warrior than... Read more »

Evolutionist James Kirk Wall responds to young earth creationist Randy Ruggles

First I would like to begin by thanking Randy for his formal response. Argumentation is a necessary process for finding truth. In the very serious business of deciding verdicts in our court system, we use both the Socratic Method and the scientific method. Although not a perfect process as dishonesty, incompetence or corruption can cause... Read more »

Creationist Randy Ruggles strikes back!

Creationists have taken issue with my article titled, “Evolution is a Religion! Proclaims Creationist Quacks.” Randy Ruggles has provided a formal response. I will be providing a reply to this on Monday 11/19. May the best argument win. “Evolution is NOT a Religion!” says THIS Creationist – A Response to James Kirk Wall – By... Read more »

James Kirk Wall meets Christian Creationist

Could two people that couldn’t be further apart on the evolution debate have a civilized discussion? The answer is yes. Jeff Sievertson and I are passionate about our positions on this issue. We work to influence others. I am passionate about promoting beliefs that rest on a solid foundation of knowledge. I consider evolution to... Read more »