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Atheist Greg Gutfeld calls out Marilyn Manson over free speech hypocrisy

Marilyn Manson (aka Antichrist Superstar) has made a career out of shocking and offensive imagery and music. He’s been free to express his artistic talents in the good old USA. But when cartoonists do it in France, “It’s kind of a dumb idea.” He stated, “I’m not saying they deserved it. I’m just saying, personally,... Read more »

Dear Dana Perino, the atheists aren’t going anywhere

The Massachusetts Supreme Court heard an argument that “under god” should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and it absolutely should be. “Under god” was placed into the Pledge during a time of fear and ignorance in the 1950s. This should have never happened. It’s a violation of the secular foundations... Read more »

Holiday tree, this is the “War on Christmas?”

There was so much spinning on the O’Reilly Factor this week that the people in New York thought Hurricane Sandy had returned. So what catastrophic event warranted all this hot air? In Rhode Island the Governor Lincoln Chaffee followed the example of the previous Governor and called a decorated tree in the State capital a... Read more »