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Satanists are not atheists, Satanists are sissies!

There’s been a lot of outrage over some satanic temple erecting a goat guy monument near the Oklahoma state Capitol. This is an apparent response to a Ten Commandments structure being allowed. Ideally there should be neither, religious symbols don’t belong on public property. However, if they are going to be allowed, there cannot be... Read more »

Separation of church and state made easy for Sarah Palin

Not being allowed governmental favoritism doesn’t take away your rights. It simply keeps your rights where they are and doesn’t take away the rights of others. Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin recently made disparaging remarks about “atheists armed with lawyers.” She apparently has an issue with court rulings that keep government from endorsing a... Read more »

James Kirk Wall’s blasphemy collection

Free speech needs to be a global right. We need international laws that mirror the spirit of individual rights and liberties of the original Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. Everyone currently imprisoned for blasphemy needs to be released immediately. Anyone murdered for blasphemy deserves justice. Nothing should be beyond criticism or even ridicule... Read more »

Dear Dana Perino, the atheists aren’t going anywhere

The Massachusetts Supreme Court heard an argument that “under god” should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and it absolutely should be. “Under god” was placed into the Pledge during a time of fear and ignorance in the 1950s. This should have never happened. It’s a violation of the secular foundations... Read more »

Blasphemy laws lead to dictatorships and theocracies

Once it is illegal to criticize or mock a religion, all a man has to do is associate themselves with that establishment to receive the same protection. Throughout history religion and power have gone hand in hand. It’s one thing to assert authority through a family name or abilities, but quite another to claim an... Read more »