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Nobody has ever submitted themselves to god

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all celebrate complete submission to god as the highest virtue. Abraham is celebrated for having the willingness to kill his own son for god. Jesus states that anyone who loves their own family more than him is not worthy of him. The very name Islam means submission to god. But what... Read more »

Obama’s embarrassing response to Egypt’s 2013 revolution

The Nazi Party was democratically elected in the 1930s. Sometimes the process fails. The leader Egypt elected in 2011 was a disastrous failure, and the Egyptian people decided they couldn’t afford to wait for the next election cycle before changing course. Over 22 million Egyptians signed a petition to remove President Morsi. They took to... Read more »

May Secularism, Freedom and Peace come to the people of Egypt!

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has been fired! There are times when the democratic process fails. There are times when revolution is a necessity, and revolution is exactly what happened in Egypt. An elected President immediately seized dictatorial power and brought Islamist extremism into the Egyptian government. The Egyptian people faced the reality of ousting one... Read more »