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Life is short, we’ll all be dead before you know it

Children hate boredom. Time goes by so slowly it’s painful. Adults cherish boredom. A short intermission on a crazy ride. There’s still a place adults can go where 60 seconds feels like an eternity. It’s called a treadmill. But aside from that there’s little shelter from the fast lane. Time tends to go by faster... Read more »

An atheist has everything to live for

“I think there’s this strange myth that atheists have nothing to live for. It’s the opposite. We have nothing to die for… We have everything to live for.” – Ricky Gervais What a wonderful life. Has this statement ever entered your mind? Have you ever said it out loud? I hope you feel this way.... Read more »

Death through the eyes of an atheist

Re-released with narration by Ian Richardson Deeply contemplating death is the blessing and curse of a philosopher. A young and healthy philosopher will obsess with death as if they were very old and terminally ill. When thinking about death one thinks about life. How much time do we have and what do we plan on... Read more »

Coming to terms with our eventual non-existence

An eternity existed before I was born and an eternity will exist after I die. Life is but a short distance of the needle hitting the vinyl on a never ending record. Everything that makes up our identity is in the physical brain. Our personality, sense of humor, mannerisms, memories, mood, cognitive ability and all... Read more »