England needs a revolution - Free Tommy Robinson

When people are increasingly arrested and convicted for thought crimes by a newly created and tax payer funded Orwellian police division, corrupt judges, and corrupt politicians, what needs to happen? There needs to be a revolution in order to restore human dignity and freedom of expression. Americans know better than to give politicians the power... Read more »

Donald Trump’s faith-based initiative scam

I strongly believe in a secular society which means no persecution or special privileges based on religious belief. I believe in one law of the land where everyone is treated equally. Individual rights and liberties are held higher than any religious law, or any kind of group identity. If someone is arrested for breaking the... Read more »

I told people at work I'm an atheist

At lunch I decided to tell my coworkers that I was an atheist. I’d been working with them for a while and we’d become good friends. “There’s something I wanted to share about myself with y’all, I’m an atheist.” “Ya, we know. You already told us.” “I did?” “Ya, you got anything else?” “No, that’s... Read more »

Curse of Canaan – Ham raped Noah!

About a year ago, I expressed my opinion on what is the craziest part of the Bible, the Curse of Canaan. As the story goes, after the flood, Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, gets drunk and passes out naked. Ham, Noah’s son, sees him naked and tells his brothers who walk backwards with a... Read more »

Eye for an Eye: One of the Greatest Ideas in History Debunked

When the Bible is closed, Dennis Prager can claim that the book is what it isn’t. But when the Bible is open, the truth is exposed. There are many passages in the Bible that have absolutely no indication that the intent of the passages is not to mean what they say. Prager claims that the... Read more »

Dennis Prager’s Lie for a Lie

So here I am wondering around YouTube minding my own business and I come across yet another deranged video by Dennis Prager at PragerU. This one titled, “Eye for an Eye: One of the Greatest Ideas in History” “Even atheists acknowledge that the book most responsible for creating Western civilization is the Bible.” This is... Read more »

My DNA results and what it means

In Games of Thrones, there’s a scene where Tyrian introduces his new found high ranking companions to his father. After introducing warriors and who their fathers were, he comes to Bronn. This is Bronn son of……….. And then Bronn answers, “You wouldn’t know him.” You’ve probably heard of my family. Their the ones who invented………... Read more »

UK draconian hate speech laws convict Nazi Pug

If politicians are given the power to silence citizens, three things will happen: 1. There will be an abuse of power 2. There will be gross incompetence 3. There will be situations where people can’t tell the truth, because the truth has been deemed offensive and therefore classified as restricted speech Hate speech laws in... Read more »

Is it OK to love a Nazi or KKK member?

Why would someone wear a swastika? Is it to get attention? Is it because they’re at a low point in their life and they’re out to be the biggest dirt bag that they can be? Can they be guided towards a better path? If you were on a train and noticed that the person in... Read more »

Hillary Clinton is wrong about Make America Great Again

I don’t have a problem with Hillary or anyone criticizing Donald Trump. I do have an issue when people make statements that are dishonest, ignorant, and divisive. I do have a problem with Hillary Clinton going to foreign countries and bad-mouthing Americans. That is not cool. Recently in India Hillary implied that the slogan Make... Read more »