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Curse of Canaan – Ham raped Noah!

About a year ago, I expressed my opinion on what is the craziest part of the Bible, the Curse of Canaan. As the story goes, after the flood, Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, gets drunk and passes out naked. Ham, Noah’s son, sees him naked and tells his brothers who walk backwards with a... Read more »

Eye for an Eye: One of the Greatest Ideas in History Debunked

When the Bible is closed, Dennis Prager can claim that the book is what it isn’t. But when the Bible is open, the truth is exposed. There are many passages in the Bible that have absolutely no indication that the intent of the passages is not to mean what they say. Prager claims that the... Read more »

Nihilism - Is life pointless without immortality?

If we don’t live forever, why live at all? Everything we do will eventually be forgotten. Even if we live on in the memory of loved ones, eventually they too will die. The memories will fade. So, what’s the point? I always thought that this kind of thinking was ignorant and that the answer to... Read more »

Jordan Peterson’s Christian Metaphysics Nonsense

Jordan Peterson is a great champion of free speech and promoter of individual rights and liberties over group identity. He is an amazing lecturer of evolutionary biology. Unfortunately, when it comes to religious matters, he presents himself as no more than a two-bit conman. Peterson recently stated that Sam Harris doesn’t act like an atheist... Read more »

Before God was kicked out of schools

In 1948, the United States Supreme Court ruled that tax-established and tax-supported schools using their public resources to religiously indoctrinate children was a violation of the First Amendment. A mother named Vashti McCollum’s lawsuit led to that ruling. In 1962, the court ruled on a case and decided 8-1 that the government couldn’t force students... Read more »

Separation of church and state’s most powerful speech

Separation of church and state in the Unites States was born to protect Christian sects from being persecuted, even banned in certain colonies, by other Christian sects. Today it applies to all religions and no religion. Separation of church and state is also known as secularism. Many Christians, and even atheists, have mistakenly equated secular... Read more »

What Jordan Peterson gets wrong about freedom

Do you believe in free speech? Are you passionate about that right? Do you believe it’s an individual right, not something based on group identity? Not based on being part of a group, or not being part of a specific group. When I say freedom of speech, that doesn’t mean freedom not to be offended.... Read more »

Is slavery a Judeo-Christian value?

The term “Judeo-Christian” was created to address the persecution of Jewish people. The term was used to counter anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1940s. Although this phrase is inclusive to the Jews and the Christians, it excludes everyone else. “We the People” is a far better term. It’s inclusive to all people. “We... Read more »

Jordan Peterson’s free speech and science orgasm

There was a rumor A Free Speech Conservative Who’s also educated and articulate about science Americans didn’t believe it Until……… An interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman went viral. It’s true. Oh yes, it’s true. Reference: Channel 4 News’ full, fiery interview with clinical psychologist and Professor Jordan B Peterson Jordan Peterson debate on... Read more »

Ben Shapiro ELBOW DROPS Neil deGrasse Tyson

Have we made any progress in space exploration over the past 45 years? Is Neil deGrasse Tyson a science fascist who wants our country run by an army of Sheldon Coopers? Was Mike Pence justified in making a speech on the House floor that evolution is only a theory? Is the discipline of science simply... Read more »