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Was America Founded to be Secular? Confronting PragerU dishonesty

Dennis Prager’s Prager U YouTube channel has a history of distorting the meaning of the word secular and equating it with atheist or state atheism. I was anticipating the same dishonesty from their latest presentation “Was America Founded to Be Secular?” Right off the bat we get the bait and switch by the presenter Joshua... Read more »

The Flaw of Richard Dawkins’ God Scale

In his popular book, The God Delusion, Professor Dawkins discusses a scale between 1 and 7 regarding an individual’s personal probability number when it comes to the question of god. “1” means someone is 100% sure that there is a god, “7” means someone is 100% sure that there isn’t a god. The flaw is... Read more »

The greatest argument against God

For arguments against religion, the atheist arsenal is well stocked. Many of the weapons and armor were forged by free thinkers long ago. They are readily available through a little research. Often atheists use logic and reason to point out the superstition and madness associated with god. But before getting into criticism of gods specifically,... Read more »

Curse of Canaan - The craziest part of the Bible

A perfect God realized that he screwed up in making humans and decided to drown everyone. That’s not the craziest part. He then decides not to kill absolutely everyone, but keeps a small group alive telling them to build a boat and put at least two of every animal on it. That’s not the craziest... Read more »

Terrorist State of Saudi Arabia

Terrorist State of Saudi Arabia
While we blame Iran for spreading terrorism and call Saudi Arabia our friends, this Islamist theocracy spends billions spreading the extremist interpretation of Islam known as Wahhabism across the world. The latest victim has been Indonesia. Intolerance, persecution, suffering, and hate will continue to spread unless America, the land of the free, decides to stop... Read more »

Secular Humanist means good person, not atheist

When religious people are asked about what guidance they use to be a good person, commonly they’ll refer to religious beliefs, faith, and scripture. What about when atheists are asked the same question? Often, they’ll reply with secular humanism, but that is not exclusive to atheists. Secularism first and foremost is separation of church and... Read more »

David Silverman vs Fox News on preparation vs prayer

In 2011, Stewart Varney invited David Silverman to discuss what atheists do in times of disaster while others are “turning to god.” Rather than conduct a fair exchange of opinions, Varney attempted to ambush Silverman with a 3-on-1 pileup and pre-scripted attacks that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Silverman survived the... Read more »

Gods’ covenant with Abraham – Nothing weird going on here!

If there was a greater intelligence in the universe, an omnipresent and omnipotent being that is all good, it would surely be interested in having a piece of foreskin from every male. The covenant with Abraham is exactly what we would expect from such a being. It really goes without saying. And what a joy... Read more »

Plenty of Christians believe in evolution

There are two ways of reconciling religion with modern science #1 – A liberal interpretation of religious doctrine which allows the flexibility for the faith to meld with modern scientific knowledge and recent discoveries. #2 – A dogmatic interpretation of religious doctrine which forces the distortion of modern science to meld with the faith. #1... Read more »

Secularism made easy for Dennis Prager

“In a secular world, there can only be opinions about morality” “I fear secularism in America” “What they end up with is secular religious certitudes” “Secularism makes no moral demands on you, tells you there is no God that judges you” These are things Dennis Prager of Prager “University” has said about secularism. Dennis is... Read more »