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If everyone believed in Global Warming, it wouldn’t matter

Today everyone uses digital cameras as they produce less chemicals and waste than film cameras. Of course, we know this isn’t true. Digital cameras took over because they’re better and cheaper. Today everyone uses flat screen TVs because they use less energy than picture tubes and take up less landfill. Of course, we know this... Read more »

An agnostic approach to religions and the afterlife

Religion attempts to provide answers to life after death and the purpose of mankind. It’s time to take an agnostic approach towards religion. Let us clear our minds and begin with a solid foundation. A good initiation is a general study of major Eastern and Western faiths. This would be our broad and shallow Religion... Read more »

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion for Everyone Everywhere

What if the rights enjoyed by U.S. citizens were global rights? Imagine if the people of Syria were able to protest their government without being massacred Imagine if women in Islamic countries had equal rights and privileges Imagine if nobody was imprisoned or murdered for expressing themselves Imagine if nothing was exempt from criticism be... Read more »

Kyrie Irving and Ken Ham – Make America dumb again!

What a week for stupidity! First we have basketball star Kyrie Irving believing that the earth is flat. A guy who’s gotten on airplanes and has flown to countries across the world. Where is the flight path that planes need to dive around the edge or go flying off into space? Irving is so daft,... Read more »

Christian vs Atheist on historical Jesus

Many Christians claim the reason they believe that certain men claiming to speak for God had more authority to do so than the millions of other men making the same claim is that the Biblical accounts of Jesus have historical integrity, and therefore should be believed. Should the stories of Jesus Christ be considered historical... Read more »

Black History Month 2017 - Atheist Addition

Religion is so very deeply ingrained in the black culture that it can be very difficult for young people to take the path of rationality and independence. With internet communities such as Facebook and YouTube, there is no reason for any black atheist to feel isolated. Come on out, be proud and be heard. Logic... Read more »

Stephen Colbert – Worst argument for God ever

Ricky Gervais was on with Stephen Colbert and was challenged on his non-belief in God. An atheist is someone who rejects the notion that certain men claiming to speak for God somehow had more authority to do so than the millions of other men making the same claim. “Why is there something instead of nothing?”... Read more »

If you don’t have brains, protest with violence

Violent protests didn’t hurt Trump, they helped him. This is what violent protestors are too daft to understand. When people see a brainless mob, most will be repelled from their message, not attracted to it. It’s easy to see how ignorant these protesters are when one of them is confronted by a news reporter to... Read more »

Christian vs Atheist on Bible Morality

I had a respectful conversation with a Christian who challenged me on my assertion that morality does not come from God. I presented my two main arguments that the Bible is not a trusted source of moral guidance. 1. There has never been a word of God 2. The Bible contains stories that are immoral... Read more »

Richard Dawkins destroys absolute morality from God

Professor Richard Dawkins is an excellent educator of evolutionary biology, but he’s perhaps best known for being an outspoken atheist. When it comes to religious debate, he doesn’t have a lot of patience. He’ll often respond sharply and sarcastically. And when the glasses come off, look out! During a Q&A, Dawkins was asked that since... Read more »