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Mythicist Milwaukee and today’s atheism

Did you know that atheists today commonly refer to themselves as skeptics? Did you know that debunking Flat-Earthers is very popular right now? Did you know that bashing Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have made many skeptics overnight YouTube sensations? If not, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in atheist social media. So... Read more »

Screw Columbus, celebrate Galileo Day!

Imagine moving into a neighborhood and living next door to a fella named John Wayne Gacy. You start to meet people and everyone says that John is a great guy, a solid pillar of the neighborhood. You meet John, and after time, have a few BBQs with him. He plays a clown at your kid’s... Read more »

Christopher Hitchens’ Idiot Brother

Some years back the prestigious Oxford Union hosted a debate with the subject of does the Christian God exist? There were presenters for both sides of the debate, including Peter, the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens. Alex O’Connor, the Cosmic Skeptic, recently critiqued that performance. It’s strange to watch Peter Hitchens speak. He looks,... Read more »

Why I am an Atheist

Based on my experience, the typical atheist in America used to be Christian. The common story is, “I used to be Christian and then |fill in the blank| and now I’m an atheist. My story is a little different. I never considered myself religious. My parents called themselves Christian, but we never went to church... Read more »

Would Frank Turek murder babies for Moses?

If a man claiming to speak for God told you to kill children, would you do it? Dr. Frank Turek isn’t a coward about opposing points of view. He doesn’t limit his religious discussions to likeminded people, he doesn’t try to shut people down who disagree with his cherished beliefs. Since Frank is confident in... Read more »

Dennis Prager Justifies Murder with God

Dennis Prager of Prager U previously released a video titled, “If there is no God, murder isn’t wrong” where he preached the message that without God, not believing we should kill people is just based on human opinion. Only if a God says do not murder can murder be wrong. Prager is not alone in... Read more »

Can humans stop hurricanes?

For the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Donald Trump declared a day of prayer which is about as useful as a day of submarines with screen doors. What about a day of action? What about bringing the best minds together to address our massive hurricane problem that takes lives and cost hundreds of billions of dollars?... Read more »

Race is explained through science, not myth

If you want varying skin tone explained through ignorance, turn to ancient myths and interpretations. If you want skin color explained through knowledge, turn to modern science. The most basic explanation is this. People with darker skin had ancestors who lived closer to the equator, people with lighter skin had ancestors who lived farther from... Read more »

Godzilla is Dead

His supernatural powers of destruction were unmatched. He had an only son. He rose from the dead. It was difficult to tell if he was good or bad. In some stories he was a protector against great evil. In others he committed genocide, raining fire and destruction on massively populated areas, killing thousands, including women... Read more »

Ontological Argument for God is the dumbest ever!

Everyone should be familiar with the cosmological argument for God which is modernly referred to as the fine-tuning argument. Less people are familiar with the ontological argument which came sooner. Some argue it’s because the ontological argument is more difficult to understand, but actually it’s more difficult to swallow. In the 11th century a man... Read more »