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Republicans should adopt Yang’s Freedom Dividend

The Democrats released a 1,700 page 3 Trillion-dollar stimulus plan that contains a lot of leftist crap that most of the country does not want, and with all that money only gives to the people a one-time payment of $1,200. With 2.8 Trillion dollars every adult in the country could get $1,000 a month for... Read more »

The Meaning of Life is Everything

Everything we do has meaning. To the highest degree it has meaning to ourselves as individuals. To a lesser degree, meaning to our position within our family and social circles, and society. We are each individual cells in the great organism we’ve classified as the human species.

What if Chicago Teachers Union never existed?

If the Chicago Teachers Unions never existed, would kids in Chicago be better or worse off? Would the quality of education and test scores be the same, better, or worse? These are legitimate questions. The primary objective for public education is that a well-educated citizenry is required for a strong Republic. The primary objective is... Read more »

Guns don’t kill people, video games do

Guns don’t kill people. Neither do grenades, rocket launchers, tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets, military drones, or B-29 bombers with atomic bombs. So let’s make them all available to the public! Legislation that puts military grade weaponry in the hands of civilians absolutely kills people. Donald Trump delivered the right message of unity against hate... Read more »

Why I support Andrew Yang’s $1,000 a month

The most comprehensive and realistic approach to addressing poverty, homelessness, income inequality, and job loss due to automation is Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend. Trickle up economy Capitalism that doesn’t start at zero One of the things I like most about the plan is the efficiency in getting money directly in the hands of the people... Read more »

Have you read The Green New Deal?

It amazes me how many mindless zealots have hitched their wagon to The Green New Deal without actually reading it. With a little research it’s clear that this proposed legislation has nothing to do with reducing green house gas emissions. It was written by people who view the United States as evil and want to... Read more »

Ayanna Pressley has the patent on black voice

Individualism is the belief that every individual has their own voice and their own worth. Identity politics is the belief that there’s no diversity in race or religion. A “black” voice is a specific set of ideology and speech. Someone with black skin who isn’t using a defined protocol around what to say or think... Read more »

Unemployment crisis is coming to America

Imagine by 2030 that one out of four jobs are gone. Not replaced by another job in another industry, not something that can be addressed by retraining people for different careers, but they are eliminated without replacement. Look around your neighborhood. Imagine one out of four homes, one out of four major income providers to... Read more »

Jesus Christ – Dumbest story ever told

Billions of children are being told of a tale. This fable is being sold as wondrous, virtuous, noble, and divine. A God who sacrificed his only begotten son in order to forgive us for our sins. The children will continue to believe that this is the greatest story ever told, unless they start thinking about... Read more »

Does New York love abortions?

I am pro-choice, but I am not pro-abortion. I am not someone who dismisses a fetus as not having any worth. I’m someone who firmly believes that the United States has far too many abortions and we should focus on significantly reducing the amount of unwanted pregnancies. Fortunately, that overall number has been decreasing. I... Read more »