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Blame Genesis, not Plato, for delays in evolutionary science

When fellow biologists read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in the 19th century, some outspokenly questioned why they didn’t think of it themselves. The evidence was all around them, especially in human guided breeding of animals such as pigeons and dogs. So why was something so obvious not discovered and well defined centuries if not... Read more »

James Kirk Wall responds to Intelligent Design and NDE argument for faith

First I would like to thank Rajiv Sobhee for his willingness to engage and publicize this discussion. Rajiv represents many people who believe in a greater intelligence but don’t subscribe to Christianity or any organized religion. In his essay Mr. Sobhee uses the classic complexity argument for design, has a brief blurb on quantum physics,... Read more »

Evolution made easy for Republican Congressmen

I don’t believe in evolution is just about the most absurd statement anyone could ever make. I’m going to jump out of a plane without a parachute because gravity is just a theory would be a more alarming statement not in regards to the level of delusion but only because of safety concerns. If you’ve... Read more »

James Kirk Wall meets Christian Creationist

Could two people that couldn’t be further apart on the evolution debate have a civilized discussion? The answer is yes. Jeff Sievertson and I are passionate about our positions on this issue. We work to influence others. I am passionate about promoting beliefs that rest on a solid foundation of knowledge. I consider evolution to... Read more »

Defending science from religion – creationism vs. evolution

The mighty Crom commands that man must stay on earth. This is why when we jump, we don’t get very far. I find it very insulting that when science covers the theory of gravity, Cromism is never even mentioned. I went to the Board of Education demanding that my sacred religious beliefs be included in... Read more »

The problem with morality coming from God

Charles Darwin never said that evolution was good. He was never an advocate of the survival of the fittest constituting a virtuous moral code. Evolution was simply the result of an unbiased quest for truth. Why are there species and breeds of animals that exist on the Galapagos Islands, but don’t exist anywhere else on... Read more »


“In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.” – Anne Frank (1929-1945) In the original Star Trek television series there was an episode where a higher intelligence wanted to know what was stronger,... Read more »

The Magic of Reality not Just for Kids

How scientifically challenged is the average person? Do you understand that it takes one year for the earth to orbit the sun? According to a poll, 19% of British people think it takes one month. Do you understand why we have seasons? Some people think that in summer the sun is closer to the Earth... Read more »

Women’s Rights if God was a Girl

How much harm has primitive male dominated societies done to women’s potential over the past millenniums? How long have women suffered as oppressed second class citizens? What would history look like now if the Western god was a woman? What if males were not indoctrinated with a notion of superiority and prejudice against the opposite... Read more »