Secularism vs In God We Trust

The Greatest Generation, the soldiers in World War 2 that pushed the Nazis out of Africa and Europe, the women who took over the factory work and production, were the greatest of patriots. They, and every generation before them, didn’t need a national motto of “In God We Trust.” They didn’t need god on dollars, they didn’t need “under god” in the pledge of allegiance. What was good enough for them would certainly be good enough for us.

These changes came about in the 1950s. It was ignorance resulting from fear of communist Russia. What if these changes never happened? What if our motto was still “E Pluribus Unum?” What if god still wasn’t on our dollars? What if “under god” still wasn’t in our pledge? What would be different? Nothing, these changes were frivolous.

In contrast, secularism as a political philosophy is valuable. Separation of church and state. No persecution and no special privileges based on religious belief. Secularism is the opposite of a theocracy where religious law is the law of the land. People of different beliefs can be penalized, they can be forced to pay a tax for not having the religion of the state.

Secularism is also the opposite of state atheism where the government is atheistic and religious people are penalized. Anyone who cares about freedom and equality certainly doesn’t want to live in a theocracy and certainly doesn’t want to live under state atheism.

Secularism is a result of the Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that changed the world. It is the pinnacle of human reasoning. Anyone who values individual rights and liberties values secularism.

The path of secularism would lead to not having “In God We Trust” as a national motto or having god on money. Because of this many people attack secularism. They attack something that’s valuable in defense of something that’s frivolous.

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