Hillary Clinton is wrong about Make America Great Again

I don’t have a problem with Hillary or anyone criticizing Donald Trump. I do have an issue when people make statements that are dishonest, ignorant, and divisive. I do have a problem with Hillary Clinton going to foreign countries and bad-mouthing Americans. That is not cool.

Recently in India Hillary implied that the slogan Make America Great Again referred to not wanting African Americans to have rights, women to have jobs, and not wanting Indian Americans doing as well as other Americans. Is that really what Make America Great Again means? Is this an appropriate message for an American representative to be making in a foreign country? What will be accomplished by such rhetoric?

Donald Trump was born in 1946. He’s part of the Baby Boomer generation. Baby Boomers are notorious for fantasizing, idolizing the 1950s. Why is this period in United States history so special? Great pride and great opportunity.

Immense pride in defeating the Nazis. Removing a great evil from Africa and Europe. Liberating cities and providing aid to war-torn nations. Americans held their heads high. Americans were proud. We were the good guys. We were the liberators. We were the heroes.

The great opportunity came from the fact that while factories and cities abroad were in ruin, ours were intact. Our factories were running full steam and business was very good. For young American men looking for jobs there was another advantage. Many of the men who would have been competing with them in the job market died in the war.

American society focused on the family. Women were encouraged to stay home and have children. Replenish the people that were lost during the war. Re-boost the population. There’s a reason why the generation is called Baby Boom. And economic conditions, the cost of living, made is possible for one income to support a family. Provide food, housing, and a car.

This is the kind of America Baby Boomers are referring to when they talk about making America great again. Going back to the 1950s. But we can’t go back. The conditions are different now. We don’t have the pride we once had. We’re not respected and loved around the world as we once were.

We don’t have the opportunity we once had. The factories in Europe, Japan, and China are fully operational. We’ve lost jobs to automation and outsourcing. Economic conditions, the cost of living, now require two people to work full time to support a family. We have a new set of challenges to address that didn’t exist in the 1950s.

When people like Donald Trump fantasize about when America was at it’s best, they’re thinking of the world that they grew up in. They’re not thinking about how great segregation was, or how things were better before women received the right to vote in 1920, or the 1800s when America still had slavery. To insinuate these thigs is to be dishonest, ignorant, and divisive. There’s no excuse for it.

I hope that Hillary goes on a better path. She’s living an angry and bitter life which will eventually lead to an angry and bitter death. As a well-known politician who still has a large following, she has the power to lift people up. She’s not doing that. She’s bringing people down and being divisive. I hope she improves her message and improves her health. A better path would be advantageous to her party and to our country.

In politics, alienating voting blocs doesn’t make any sense. You don’t have to attack one group of people to gain another. There are three things that all people want regardless of race or sex. Safe communities, quality schools, and economic opportunity. Focus on what brings everyone together. Doing so would make America greater today.

-James Kirk Wall

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