When an atheist hears Merry Christmas

When atheists are wished Merry Christmas, they get a stick up their rear the size of a redwood. Their face becomes scowled and distorted. Their body shakes in a fit of rage as they blurt out, “Say Happy Holidays you arrogant bigot!”

This may be what Fox News would like everyone to believe, but it’s not true. Atheists in the United States have no problem with hearing or saying Merry Christmas. And the same is true for the vast majority of Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, and every other non-Christian group.

I met a family that had migrated to the United States from India. They were Hindus, but were excited about putting up the tree and lights and exchanging gifts on December 25th. Why? Because they were joyfully adopting the culture of the country they decided to make their home.

I grew up with Christmas. I love the music, the lights, and the spirit of the holiday. Traditions are important, they bring people together. For many thousands of years people have been celebrating this time of the year. Let us continue the joyous festivities.

So happy fat Santa Americanized Christmas to you and yours. And may logic and reason bless us, everyone.

-James Kirk Wall

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