We can’t know God?

It’s strange to hear someone religious claim that we can’t know God while peddling a religious book that claims to have detailed descriptions of God. Would J. K. Rowling claim that we can’t know Voldemort? We can’t know Gollum, or Spock, or Spiderman?

Let me tell you about God. He’s singular, male, all-powerful, jealous, all-knowing, and doesn’t want us to eat shrimp. He sacrificed his son to himself in order to save us from himself for the talking snake incident, but only if you believe it. Oh, and we can’t know God, but know Jesus or burn forever.

In this video clip I reply to Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, claiming that we can’t know God.

The full video that this is part of can be found at Ben Shapiro crushes atheism?

-James Kirk Wall

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