Ben Shapiro’s staggering ignorance of evolution

In an interview, Ben Shapiro referred to a materialist world view as one where we are a random assemblage of atoms. I can’t imagine anyone who understands the basic fundamentals of evolution making such an odd comment.

Shapiro has read books by Sam Harris. I would suggest he reads one by Richard Dawkins called, The Greatest Show on Earth. You may assume that with Dawkins, this must be an anti-religious book like The God Delusion. It’s not. This is a book from the perspective of a professor of evolutionary biology and even contains a “what if” scenario for a designer of life.

In a matter of days you can gain the greatest discoveries and perspectives of someone who’s spent a lifetime in the field of evolutionary biology. When you understand evolution, you understand the processes involved and the history that spans billions of years. You understand our origins and why we came to be thinking beings. You obtain knowledge from a perspective of science, not myth.

We are not static beings. We change with time, we change with significant life events, and we change with the chemical compositions of our bodies. Recognizing that we are the physical brain doesn’t mean allegiance to some leftists, progressive, liberal political ideology or anything like that. It simply means you have the wits to recognize reality and have enough maturity to accept it.

In this video I respond to Ben Shapiro’s materialist comments:

-James Kirk Wall


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