Are Religious People Less Intelligent?

During an interview, Ben Shapiro was asked about a prevailing ethos that religious people are a little stupider or naïve. Do atheists think that they’re smarter than religious people? Speaking for myself as an atheist, no, I don’t. But it’s not just about IQ.

There are many degrees of religiosity. There are people who are extremists which is never a good thing. There are also people who take a very casual approach to their religion. A liberal interpretation of scripture allows room to keep up with modern science. A dogmatic interpretation does not.

If someone has been indoctrinated with the crazy belief that the earth is 6,000 years old, and they won’t change their mind no matter what, when it comes to this topic, they will portray themselves as an idiot. That will be the case no matter what their IQ may be. So it’s not just about intelligence, it’s about being open to knowledge, and being open to progress.

The full video that this is part of can be found at Ben Shapiro crushes atheism?

-James Kirk Wall

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