Christopher Hitchens’ Idiot Brother


Some years back the prestigious Oxford Union hosted a debate with the subject of does the Christian God exist? There were presenters for both sides of the debate, including Peter, the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens. Alex O'Connor, the Cosmic Skeptic, recently critiqued that performance.

It’s strange to watch Peter Hitchens speak. He looks, sounds, and has the same mannerisms as his brother. There is a striking difference. Based on this debate when it comes to religious matters, Peter Hitchens is an idiot. Plenty of hypocrisy, dishonesty, and cowardice, absolutely no substance or integrity.

If anyone wants to debate like Peter, here’s your guide:

Begin by being disgusted about defending something you claim to love and cherish
Lay it on thick about your beliefs being peace and love
Say you’d like to physically assault people who disagree with you, but it’s not allowed
When you get arguments you can’t counter, don’t address them, just say you’ve heard them before
When you get crushed in argumentation, pretend it didn’t happen
Say the opposition didn’t address the argument, and then change the argument
Make bizarre claims about your opponents’ position without anything to back them up
Call out a member of your opponents general beliefs who was a real jerk
Make outlandish claims that are not supported by history
After knocking down the pieces and crapping on the chess board, declare victory

Peter Hitchens tries to state that Dan Barker and Dr. Michael Shermer didn’t present any substantial arguments on the atheist side. This is akin to someone arguing that Mike Tyson never knocked anybody out. We can see the footage, we can see that Peter’s lying.

If you happen to live in a modern peaceful society, don’t thank the Bible, thank the Enlightenment and organized law enforcement.

In this video, I cover Peter Hitchens’ despicable presentation in detail.

-James Kirk Wall

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