Would Frank Turek murder babies for Moses?


If a man claiming to speak for God told you to kill children, would you do it?

Dr. Frank Turek isn’t a coward about opposing points of view. He doesn’t limit his religious discussions to likeminded people, he doesn’t try to shut people down who disagree with his cherished beliefs.

Since Frank is confident in his convictions, since he believes his faith to be founded in stone, he openly places his beliefs into the cross-hairs of argumentation and criticism. He openly welcomes atheists to take their best shots. This is how things should be. William Lane Craig is another Christian apologist that openly debates atheists.

Frank opened himself to a critic who strongly challenged his notion of objective morality. Would Frank murder children if God told him too?

In the Book of Numbers Chapter 31:17 and 18, Moses orders his soldiers to kill women and children. If you were a soldier in Moses’s army, do you follow orders? Is it the will of God or simply the will of a man claiming to speak for God? How would you know? By faith?

Do you raise your club and bring it down on a woman and child? Or do you raise that club against the commander who would give such an order? Frank Turek claims he would do what God commanded even if it meant killing children. But how would he know it was God? Because of voices in his head? How would he know it wasn’t Satan trying to deceive him? If he can’t claim to know that his God would never do such a thing as to command the murdering of innocents, what kind of God is he worshiping?

Frank uses the common excuse of Biblical atrocities whereas since God created life he can take it away whenever he pleases. The problem is there’s never been a God that commanded killing. There’s only been men claiming to speak for God that commanded killing by “God’s” authority.

If you’re not sure whether or not your God would command you to kill children, perhaps you shouldn’t profess to have divine objective moral truth. I don’t claim to have divine moral truth. I claim morality by the greatest moral reasoning of mankind and my innate humanity. If I was in the army of Moses, my club would not come down on women and children. I hope that Frank Turek couldn’t commit such an act either despite what he says he’d do if “God” commanded it.

-James Kirk Wall

If God ask you to kill your child, would you do it Frank?

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