Can humans stop hurricanes?


For the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Donald Trump declared a day of prayer which is about as useful as a day of submarines with screen doors. What about a day of action? What about bringing the best minds together to address our massive hurricane problem that takes lives and cost hundreds of billions of dollars?

These hurricanes are so powerful because they speed up in warm water. How do we make the waters cooler or find some other method of slowing them down? This falls under what is known as geoengineering, a large scale initiative to control the earths’ environment.

There have been many ideas including artificial means to increase cloud cover and the reflectiveness of clouds, a giant space reflector, mimicking volcanic eruptions that cool the planet through spewing ash into the atmosphere, using liquid nitrogen, pulling deeper cooler water to the top, and massive ocean wind turbines.

The discussion of these ideas should be a regular topic in the mass media. Innovation, science, and technology are the best hope we have for addressing these devastating catastrophes.

For everyone in the path of hurricane Irma, best of luck. Hang in there.

-James Kirk Wall

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