What’s with all the attacks on Megyn Kelly?


The uptight little troll Mark Levin is the latest Republican mouthpiece to attack Megyn Kelly. Why? Because Megyn dared point out that the objectifying of women is wrong. Really? Is this the Twilight Zone? Is this for real? Are these angry men seriously this out of touch?

In the first Republican primary debate, Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his derogatory comments about women. In response Trump launched an avalanche of derogatory comments against Megyn Kelly. The utter lack of outrage and defense by so called “family value” advocates was very telling. This is not the party of family values. This is a party currently controlled by old and angry divorced men who want women to keep in their place like they did in the 1950s.

Newt Gingrich attacked Megyn Kelly. Why? Because if you criticize Donald Trump for saying that since he’s a celebrity he can grab women where ever he wants and get away with it, that means you’re “obsessed with sex.” You have no right to defend women. Newt is another Republican who’s completely out of touch.

Mark Levin said that if Megyn Kelly represents the future of Fox News, Fox News is dead. What Levin fails to recognize is that the future of angry men who idolize the 1950s is dying. That future is dead. If the Republican Party remains in the control of that demographic, the Republican Party is dead.

Megyn Kelly is a former prosecutor who’s become a major power house in cable news. She asks tough questions and then gets treated like she has no right to do so. Chris Wallace is no push over either. But when Chris asks tough questions, no one blinks an eye. There is clearly a double standard going on in the Conservative party.

According to Mark Levin, Fox News is “imploding.” Not according to the ratings. What’s imploding are Conservatives like Glenn Beck who recently went on a crazy rant about getting soaked with buckets of blood. What’s imploding is the lunatic fringe of anti-science religious fanatics. What’s imploding is the 1950s-perfect world fantasy. It’s over, move on.

-James Kirk Wall

The Wrap – Brian Flood - Megyn Kelly ‘Is Out of Control,’ Says Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin (Audio)

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