Speaking against Islam creates more terrorists? What does that say about Islam?


According to Saudi Arabia, all atheists are terrorists. Not just a small percentage, not just atheists from certain countries. All atheists, every single one of them. This is also a country that has tortured, imprisoned, and beheaded atheists, or anyone perceived to have insulted Islam or the government.

In response, have atheists carried out brainless shootings and suicide bombing rampages thinking that they’re going to get 72 virgins in paradise for killing innocents? No, we’ve signed petitions and have peaceful demonstrations to try and bring justice to those persecuted by Saudi Arabia. And we have done this while watching our Presidents hold hands and bow down to these monsters. And this isn’t the only part of the world where having a brain can get you killed. Atheist bloggers are being butchered in Bangladesh.

Oh, but wait! I’m not supposed to say anything about that! I just created more terrorists! We’re not supposed to call out the barbarity in Islamic theocracies or in the Qur’an itself. We’re not supposed to call out the despicable treatment of women, so called honor killings, and other medieval barbarism against those who leave Islam, commit adultery, are gay, or simply have wits. You’re creating more terrorists!

With all due respect to those babbling such nonsense, what does that say about Islam? Christianity is criticized all the time. The Bible is criticized all the time, and rightly so. Why isn’t that creating Christian terrorists? Why isn’t that creating Jewish terrorists? Is it because Christians can take criticism while Muslims can’t? Is it because Muslims are intellectually less mature?

It appears to be that Muslim men aren’t to be accountable for anything. When a woman is raped in Islamic culture, it’s the woman’s fault. She must have done something. She must have shown her hair. And yet women in non-Muslim countries can walk around the beach with bikinis and not worry about men sexually assaulting them and then being killed later by a family member. Why is that?

"The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create." This was spoken by Malala Yousafzai. This is a girl who was shot in the head for trying to get an education. Was she shot because someone insulted Islam? A women getting educated was an insult to Islam according to these terrorists!

The real way to curb this terrorism is to spread the truth about the Qur’an. It’s not a perfect book, it’s not beyond criticism. It’s not anything that anyone should devote their life to. It’s not anything that people should be willing to kill for.

To simply say that criticism of Islam is to be blamed is irresponsible and cowardly. It’s as cowardly and meaningless as the word Islamophobia. It holds no accountability to the people that carry out unspeakable crimes against fellow humans.

If we want to fight terrorism, we must fight extremism, we must fight childhood indoctrination. Fight ritual brain washing. Teach the children philosophy and critical thinking. Teach argumentation and debate. Teach science and technology.

Are all Muslims extremists? Of course not, but the percentage is alarming. Were all Germans Nazis? Of course not, but the percentage was alarming. And the violent extremism that infests the Qur’an (as it does the Bible) cannot be honestly dismissed as having no part of senseless persecution and murder.

Muslim countries need to be held to higher standards of human rights. They need to be held accountable. Now is not the time for cowardly silence or paralysis because of fright to offend. Now is the time for courage and honest debate. Anyone not willing or able to defend their beliefs in open dialog don’t have beliefs worth believing in.

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