Agnosticism: The Battle Against Shameless Ignorance (Free Online Book)


Agnosticism: The Battle Against Shameless Ignorance
By James Kirk Wall
Copyright 2010 James Kirk Wall

I would like to thank all the great moral thinkers, dead and living, for their contribution to a better society and a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. Through their timeless wisdom we find immortal truth.

Table of Contents (Click on chapter you'd like to view to open)
The essence of agnosticism
Arming yourself with education
The agnostic approach to truth
Agnostics, atheists and theists! Oh my!
The reason for religion and life after death
Why live without religion?
An agnostic approach to evolution and intelligent design
Has science proved that everything comes from nothing?
Is History Accurate?
How to live
How to die (just in case it happens someday)
The eternal struggle of good and evil
Is mankind innately good or evil?
Guarding ourselves against evil
Agnosticism applied to business and government
Freedom and quality of life
Capitalism with a safety net: the ultimate economic solution?
Let us draw our swords together
So much said in so few words

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