Professional baseball players to blame god for striking out

Pointing to the air and thanking god for a home run is perfectly acceptable. This according to Ringo, President of the National League of Reasonable Blame and Credit to Deities organization. But we must also be fair and balanced. If they praise god for home runs, baseball players will be required to blame god every time they strike out.

Per section of the Code of Conduct divinity section, the following rules will apply effective immediately.


Upon hitting a home run (hitter), striking someone out (pitcher), or getting the last out securing victory, god can be praised by:
Single handed index finger pointing to sky
Double handed index fingers pointing to sky
Single handed double fingers to the lips and to the sky (could include lips, heart and sky)
Bring out cross on necklace and kiss it (Christians only)
Kneel and bow head


Upon striking out (hitter), giving up a home run (pitcher), or losing a game, god can be blamed by:
Facing extended longest finger to the sky while curling other fingers
Pointing to the sky while grabbing crotch
Bring out cross on necklace and shake it (Christians only)
Make shrugged WTF expression towards sky
Upwardly extended closed fist shake

Anyone violating these rules will be subject to fines and suspensions.

-James Kirk Wall

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