Atheism isn't a moral stance, secular humanism is


When people of different religious beliefs can live together in peace without governmental favoritism or oppression of one group over another, that’s secularism.

When people believe that humans are solely responsible for the safety, liberty and livelihood of our generation and future generations, that’s humanism.

The word atheist in itself is not synonymous with virtuous. The same can be said for any religious brand. No religious or non-religious label can indicate if someone is a moral person as history contains evil and good examples of each.

Secularism is for anyone, religious or not, who believes in individual rights and liberties including freedom of speech. In a secular society people are free to choose any religious belief they want and blasphemy is not a crime.

Humanism if for anyone, religious or not, who believes that our problems will not be solved by divine intervention. It is the act of humans that determine human destiny. A humanist society believes that natural means of addressing problems such as high quality medical care, education, emergency shelters and provisions, lighting rods and generators are not unnecessary due to prayer.

Secular humanism is a moral stance that’s inclusive of all people. It’s a philosophy that can address every evil that’s happening in the world right now, and one that’s expandable to meet the challenges of the future.

-James Kirk Wall

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