Bill O’Reilly’s mind, first casualty in War on Christmas

Bill OReilly

Bill O’Reilly is knowledgeable about many things and has a sharp sense of humor. But when it comes to capitalism and opportunity, he seems to think it’s still the 1950s. He seems to ignore the growing divide between rich and poor. And when it comes to religious matters he abandons reason for madness time and time again. This year is no different. And unfortunately because of Mr. O’Reilly, more Christians at retail shops are acting like jerks when someone simply says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Bill O’Reilly wants us to believe that Happy Holidays is part of some modern diabolical plot to make us take drugs and have abortions. But there’s nothing new about the term and certainly nothing insidious about it. When I worked in retail over 20 years ago, I was told to say Happy Holidays. This had absolutely nothing to do with atheists or some devious plot by so called secular progressives. It was because we had Jewish customers who found the MC greeting annoying and offensive.

Because of a history of blame for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and that blame leading to instances of hatred and crimes against the Jewish people, it’s not surprising there are Jews who don’t want to hear Merry Christmas and carry some resentment for the Christian religion in general. But that Jewish push back on the MC term may be generational and could be fading away. I’d be interested in obtaining the opinion of someone far more connected with the Jewish community than I on this issue.

But don’t expect any Jewish opposition to the Merry Christmas term or anything else reasonable to be added to the debate by Bill O’Reilly. What is the reason for Happy Holidays? A diabolical movement of secular progressives who want for force drugs and abortions on everyone. What evidence does O’Reilly have that “Happy Holidays” is due to the extreme left and not simply by people promoting a term that’s inclusive of all December celebrations? Absolutely none. His statements are outrageous and insulting.

O’Reilly’s paranoia peaks starting at 3:00 in the following video. Bill states that traditional marriage in the Bible is between a man and a woman, but fails to mention polygamy as well, or the tradition of stoning a woman to death who’s found not to be a virgin on her wedding night. At 4:15 we get to hear how intoxication is morally wrong and something else promoted by the secular progressives. Interesting comment from an Irish Catholic.

Secularism means that people of all beliefs can live together in peace without governmental favoritism of one group over the other. The United States is a secular nation. Secularism represents a pinnacle of human reasoning and is good. This philosophy was embraced by the Founding Fathers and should be cherished by people of all faiths or beliefs.

Privately people can display what they want, but government institutions are to be secular and many symbols of Christmas are just that. That doesn't’t mean people who work in government establishments shouldn't be allowed any ability to express themselves such as displaying a symbol of their beliefs in their own office or cubicle. Policies should be based on reason and common sense, not draconianism. Secularism is not war, secularism is peace.

So what do we do when someone says Merry Christmas when we don’t believe in the divinity of Christ? Should Christians be offended by Happy Holidays? What do we do when someone says Happy Thursday when we don’t believe in the divinity of Thor? Per this chart, simply say Thank You. It’s that easy.

If someone wishes you

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