Glenn Beck strikes back at James Kirk Wall over Rights

On his radio program Glenn Beck countered an article I wrote titled, Dear Glenn Beck, human rights do not come from god.

His rebuttal included:
• Rights are from god, laws are from man
• The idea that rights come from god comes from the Founding Fathers and as far back as Moses
• Atheist dictators killed a whole lot of people
• “If you really understand Christianity, human life is sacred and it is absolutely absurd to think otherwise.”
• If you don’t believe that rights come from god you must be perfectly fine if mankind takes them away
• “Slavery’s right, slavery’s wrong; smoking’s good, smoking’s bad. That’s man. That’s not God.”
• China has different rights then America because they come from the person in charge
• George Washington quotes endorsing religion
• And lots of Star Trek references thrown in here and there that were clearly intended to give me a hard time about being named after Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.

A summary of Glenn Beck’s response can be found at

I will be replying to Glenn Beck’s reply to my reply in another reply to be released on Monday. May the best argument win.

-James Kirk Wall

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