Vladimir Putin – idiots with stupid hats shall not be ridiculed!


Russian President Vladimir Putin wants even harsher blasphemy laws in place for those who threaten the sober image of his silly friends. Russia hopes to join Islamist theocracies in establishing draconian imprisonment and fines for any Russian citizen who is perceived to make fun of idiots with stupid hats. Historically blasphemy laws have nothing to do with protecting religious feelings. They are put in place so that people in power can suppress any opposition by simply making a blasphemy accusation.

A reason being promoted for this obstruction to free speech is protecting the historical inheritance of religion. Getting their ass kicked by Napoleon is part of Russia’s “historical inheritance.” Are they going to make laws around that too? The truth is that history and hurt feelings have nothing to do with it. This law is due to an insecure megalomaniac who had his manhood threatened by a female punk band.

The specific religious beliefs that must not be ridiculed for “historical inheritance” and “hurting someone’s feelings” include:

Judaism – The belief that god is wonderful because in story after story in the Old Testament where god is killing people, he never kills absolutely everyone. (Note – For Islamic theocracies, the blasphemy laws seldom apply to outspoken attacks on Judaism.)

Christianity – The belief that god is wonderful because he sacrificed himself to himself in order to save us from himself in order to forgive us for some rule he made about a tree, but only if you believe it.

Islam – Take the male chauvinistic lunatics in the Old Testament who claimed to speak to god and add one more.

Buddhism – Dedicate your life to withdrawing from all things so that you can reach Nirvana and break the cycle of rebirths so that when you die you’ll be dead and stay dead and not have to deal with the same crap over and over and over again.

What about the religions not mentioned? What about Scientology, a belief so insane that the Mormons make fun of it? Will they be protected too? Will this law protect anything ridiculous as long as someone believes it? What if someone believed that sewer piranhas would pop into existence through divine will and devour them if they didn’t spin 3 times before going to bed? If someone were to tell that person their belief was absurd, would they be thrown in prison for possibly offending them?

What about consideration for atheists? If someone tells them that they’re going to burn in hell for all eternity, shouldn’t that count as blasphemy? Isn’t that hurting the atheist’s feelings? Wouldn’t the Flying Spaghetti Monster get angry over such rhetoric?

In a free society no man or myth can ever be above criticism or even ridicule. That doesn’t mean people SHOULD ridicule the beliefs of others, but it never should be illegal to do so. The Russian people deserve better than a tyrant who puts his own precious ego above individual rights and liberties.

-James Kirk Wall

Russian MPs back harsher anti-blasphemy law

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