There has never been a word of god


In Australia a Muslim man was asked what was more important, Australian Law or Islamic Sharia Law. He answered Sharia Law because it comes from god, but this isn’t true. It comes from a man claiming to speak for god. The distinction is very important and needs to be repeated over and over again. Whenever someone religious claims to be speaking the word of god, they need to be corrected. They are speaking the words of a man claiming to speak for god, nothing more.

According to a man claiming to speak for god, a woman’s testimony in court is worth half of a man’s.

According to a man claiming to speak for god, a daughter receives half the inheritance of a son.

According to a man claiming to speak for god, any Muslim who gains the wits to reject ancient superstition should be put to death.

When in Australia one must follow Australian law. The words of a man claiming to speak for god 1,400 years ago do not apply.

Many people claim that the United States was built on Judeo-Christian values simply because Thomas Jefferson used the word creator in the Declaration of Independence. Never mind the fact that any creator that grants individual rights and liberties has absolutely no resemblance to the god of the Bible or that the Biblical First Commandment is the exact opposite of the Constitutional First Amendment. But putting that aside, why would so many people basically claim that Thomas Jefferson speaks for god? Simply because he said something they liked in this particular passage.

If Thomas Jefferson stated that the creator favored tall people as they were closer to him, he’d go from divine prophet to loon. It’s important to understand that a man claiming to speak for god doesn’t make it true, even if he says something that you agree with. Timeless wisdom from ancient philosophers has the same power to connect with us with no divinity implied. Anyone who claims that certain statements carry divine authority simply because they personally agree with the message is engaging in foolish arrogance.

There has never been a word of god, only words of men enslaving the masses through a concoction made up of their own ignorance and fear. Thousands if not millions of men have claimed to speak for god. Countless religions of the past are now defunct in present times. We know through history what it takes to dethrone any once claimed true religion. All it takes is for people to simply stop believing that a man spoke for god to rise from their knees and break the chains of their paper masters.

-James Kirk Wall

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