Gays – Married in America, murdered in Iraq


The difference between good and evil isn’t always a grey area. Sometimes it’s easy to understand what side to fight for. We often associate Adolf Hitler as the greatest representation of evil; someone responsible for extreme hatred, intolerance and murder. That is a clear black and white definition. The opposite would be someone capable of extreme love, acceptance and protection.

Helen Keller once said that the highest result of education is tolerance. America is striving to be more educated regarding homosexuals. We’re gaining ground against the ignorant who think that being gay is like picking out what socks to wear. As our nation progresses we are becoming more tolerant. More people understand that two gay people across the street or in the next town getting married does them no harm. More states are recognizing civil unions and gay marriage. There are efforts underway to allow gay couples the same Federal rights as straight. In the meantime in Iraq, things are much different.

In America we enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of expression. That is not the case in Islamist theocracies. Religious extremists are resistant to opposing views or opposing looks. Everyone is supposed to fall in line with religious indoctrination and micromanagement of religious leaders regarding what to wear and how to act. Any threat to that power is met with hostility. Non-Muslims, atheists, anyone promoting popular culture and homosexuals are hated and persecuted.


Post-Saddam Iraq is especially terrifying for homosexuals. Militant groups are targeting gays over the internet. They are disguising themselves as being gay and setting up social meetings that become crime scenes. Unsuspecting gays are being ambushed and murdered. They are being arrested and tortured. It is apparent that many of the Iraqi law enforcement agencies and government officials are supportive of this evil persecution. Anyone with this kind of blood on their hands is deserving of punishment, but instead they are treated as heroes in a perverse culture of intolerance and bigotry. The ignorant haters accuse the gays of bringing shame to their country when they are the ones who disgrace Islam.

There are people who claim that one country should not encourage its values to another. This is nonsense. A policy of freedom and individual liberty should be imposed on any country that wishes to receive aid from the United States or the United Nations. These values should be championed by all civilized nations because they represent what is good. Are we a nation of values or a nation of cowards? Are we a nation of compassion or a nation of callous indifference? There are those who say we must cater to Islamists or they will get angry. Rewarding violence will only beget more violence. Often the best way to deal with a bully is to punch him right between the eyes. The Iraqi crimes against homosexuals must be exposed and condemned. The victims of senseless hate crimes deserve our aid and support. They deserve justice.

-James Kirk Wall


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