Will President Obama address Factory Farms in State of the Union?

The answer to most of our problems is food. Local organic farming can significantly decrease unemployment, decrease CO2 emissions, decrease healthcare costs, and better our water and air supply. An automated assembly line works for making cars, it doesn’t work for producing meat. What is an efficient, maintainable and cost effective way of making televisions is an environmentally destructive, unmaintainable, and cruel way of producing food.

Global warming is a big issue for President Obama, but actions mean more than words. With all the media coverage on global warming over the past 4 years, what has actually been done? The increase in green energy has been a minute part of our overall energy consumption. And there has been no discussion on Factory Farms which cause more pollution than transportation.

Why is local organic farming better for the environment?
In organic farming the animals graze off of the growing vegetation. Their manure fertilizes the soil. There is a natural balance. Rotating crops naturally replenishes the soil and keeps insect infestation under control.

In a factory farm animals are fed government subsidized corn which is not a natural diet for them. It’s unhealthy for them and unhealthy for you. The animals are injected with antibiotics and artificial growth hormones. Now they are producing contaminated manure which is harmful to the environment. We now have contaminated manure in the soil of crops that are treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Is it any wonder that the United States pays less for food but more for medical care than any other industrialized nation? Think about that. Technology is not always a good thing. There are times when scientists sell out their humanity for gold. There are times when a country loses its soul. Let’s get it back. We must go back to local organic farming as a primary source of food. We need more farmers. We need to diversify corn fields with grass lands for cattle to graze on and flowering plants to help our dying bee population. We need to spend less time focusing on celebrity gossip and more time focusing on what’s on our dinner plate. We need to do what’s right for our conscious, for our health, for the animals and for our future.

When local farming was prominent, this country fed the world. Now we import more food than ever which is bad for jobs and bad for our economy. The gluttonous increase in meat consumption since 1950 has made Americans unhealthier and has resulted in an enormous amount of meat that is thrown in the garbage every day. We can do so much better.

It is doubtful that President Obama or any politician will raise this issue as the corporations involved with factory farms are funding both parties.

Franklin D. Roosevelt supported farmers and warned us about the Corporatism which has taken over our country.

-James Kirk Wall

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