10 Commandments of the Optimal Mind

1. Challenge authority. No one is above criticism. Honesty is a higher virtue than obedience.
2. Do not solidify your mind around a creed or label. Take things issue by issue and keep your mind fluid.
3. Do not bow down to peer-pressure or mob mentality. Always maintain your independence.
4. Continuously gather knowledge and wisdom to the end of your days.
5. Recognize which beliefs are aligned with knowledge and which ones are not.
6. Bravely place your thoughts into the cross-hairs of argumentation and criticism.
7. Have the humility necessary to abandon beliefs that cannot withstand scrutiny.
8. Make informed decisions based on empirical evidence and reason to the best of your ability.
9. Always keep the wellbeing of others and future generations considered in the decisions that you make.
10. Value good character over education, but strive to have both.

James Kirk Wall

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