Mike Huckabee blames god over gun control for tragedy

Mentally disturbed men with guns can cause horrible things to happen. This is regardless of how hard or often someone prays. This is regardless of how many crosses are worn or displayed. This is regardless of what rituals are performed to appease ancient ancestors. This is regardless of how much good karma has been built up. This is regardless of any voodoo chants or how many times someone waves a dead chicken over their head. Mentally disturbed men with glocks is a bad thing.

Mike Huckabee doesn’t see it that way. Everything is due to an all knowing and powerful god according to Mike. So why didn’t the invisible man upstairs do anything to help? Instead of helping, the jealous god of Abraham was sulking over the separation of church and state. “That will teach them” god thought as he watched the children die. Bow down to me in public schools and maybe next time I’ll do something. This is the kind of god Huckabee worships.

The truth is that the murdering of children is not condemned in the Bible by any means. Moses slaughters the children of the Midianites and god doesn’t care. He’s more concerned about where all the treasure should go. God even personally partakes in the killing of children. He kills Egyptian infants and drowns babies throughout the entire world. How do you prove your loyalty to god? Be willing to kill your own child. The truth is that when it comes to any divine morality against the killing of children, the Bible is the last place to look.

Heaven and hell in the Bible have nothing to do with morality and ethics. Timothy McVeigh might be in heaven if he repented and accepted Jesus before dying while his victims could be in hell if they were not Christian. The great reward only comes to those who submit themselves fully to the one true religion which must be Christianity according to the Christians, and must be Islam according to the Muslims, or is all nonsense according to the atheists.

Secularism is a force of good. Secularism is pro education and safety for all people. Theocracies are a force of evil. Theocracies are anti-education for women and science and will readily deploy violence to force submission. When tragedies occur it’s easy to get scared and want to grab onto something. Be careful what you reach for. Often the best course of action is to stand firm in the face of evil. Find your strength and your resolve from within. Overcome reality based problems with reality based solutions. Never give in to fear and superstition.

James Kirk Wall

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