Defining the perfect gentleman, perfect lady and perfect parents

Confucius was obsessed with defining the exemplary person. What is the standard we should all strive to achieve? Some argue that honesty is the highest virtue of character while others claim it’s courage. These are philosophical questions. They fall under the Socratic Examined Life. None of us are perfect human beings, but it’s important to set ideal goals to help us focus and achieve more out of life. What’s important is finding the right path of fulfillment and getting back on track when we stray.

The Ideal Person
• True to their word
• Gentle and kind to the gentle and kind
• Self-respectful and confident
• Respectful towards others
• Patient
• Dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of themselves and others
• Ability to be fierce in defending family, community and what is good
• Courageous in adversity
• Calm and wise
• Trustworthy
• Resilient, able to bounce back from setbacks
• Does not cheat or take advantage of others
• Does not allow themselves to be taken advantage of by others
• Sets a good example for others

The Ideal Mother and Father or Partners
• Dedicated to each other
• Dedicated to the children
• Supports the family
• Adds physical and emotional strength to the family
• Provides and maintains family structure
• Provides moral and ethical guidance to the children
• Supports intellectual and physical development of the children
• Maintains family traditions
• Maintains a bright future

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” – Confucius
“Know thyself” – Socrates
“My future is righteousness.” – Bob Marley

James Kirk Wall

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