James Kirk Wall meets Christian Creationist

Could two people that couldn’t be further apart on the evolution debate have a civilized discussion? The answer is yes. Jeff Sievertson and I are passionate about our positions on this issue. We work to influence others. I am passionate about promoting beliefs that rest on a solid foundation of knowledge. I consider evolution to be a fact. Jeff is passionate about following the Bible literally as it’s integral to being a true believer in his eyes. The literal interpretation of Biblical Genesis directly contradicts major aspects of evolution.

So who is right? The United States is currently divided on this issue. Jeff encourages the discussion of beliefs on the Mars Hill internet radio show. He recently had a podcast with atheist Beth Purkhiser. On June 7th, Jeff and I discussed agnosticism, paper Christians and evolution. Who presented the better argument for their position regarding evolution vs. creationism? That judgment is left to the listener.


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