James Kirk Wall meets The Angry Atheist

As I spoke to Reap Paden I was taken aback by all the anger. How many babies has this man eaten I wondered. Not really, we had a great discussion and got along very well. Reap is one of the many rationalist warriors across the world fighting for reason over superstition. He invited me for a podcast to discuss my article on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s statements about atheism.
Discussions included the change in the atheist meaning from hardcore “no” to “lack of” belief in god. I mentioned how most people’s understanding of the word agnostic is completely outside of what Huxley had intended. We also discussed the insanities of the Bible including the introduction of Satan in a monotheistic religion. We had a great discussion that covered many aspects of reality based living and the frustration of arguing with people who have abandoned logic.
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