Fighting for Gay Rights in America

The Founding Fathers created a system of government that protected minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Upon this foundation and the unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, freedom has grown in this country as our society has progressed. Obtaining equal rights for many has not been easy, and the history of this battle is painful on many fronts. Around the world countless suffering has occurred upon people for simply being born a certain nationality, color, class or gender. Much progress against bigoted persecution has been made in recent history and that progress will continue if we stay on course. No one should ever forget that what was gained can be lost quickly.

Are gay rights the last battle in equality for civilized nations? Do they represent the last group of second class citizens to be lifted up? Will gay people soon enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals in the tradition of marriage? Will gay couples soon enjoy all the same legal rights both State and Federal?

Recent events and headlines certainly point in that direction.
California gay marriage ban overturned!
Washington state governor to sign gay marriage bill
Illinois Gay Marriage Bill Introduced

Despite recent events, equal rights are still a long road ahead. There are obstacles that need to be overcome.
There are three primary groups of people opposed to gay marriage.
People who are bigoted because of anti-gay religious scripture
People who believe that gay marriage is an assault on traditional marriage
People who think all homosexuality stems from a correctable mental disorder.

In Islamist theocracies gay people have been executed. There is extreme intolerance and hatred of homosexuals. This hatred can be tied to religious scripture which considers homosexuality to be a sin and an abomination. In opposition of these extremists are the secular humanists. Those who believe no one should be victimized by religious persecution. People of this label are anti-theocracy and believe that everyone should be granted global rights and liberties dictated by reason and unencumbered by any religious bias.

Those who believe gay marriage is an assault against traditional marriage often use slippery slope arguments. If we allow gays to marry we’ll have to allow marriage to farm animals. We’ll have to allow polygamy. There have been all kinds of absurd analogies. Gay marriage is still a marriage between two people. Polygamy causes social class issues. In countries where polygamy is legal, rich men marry multiple women while many poor men are left single. Don’t we have enough separation between the rich and poor without adding polygamy to the mix?

I am all for traditional marriage. A mother and father represent the ideal family and environment for raising kids. There is no reason I can’t promote the benefits of a traditional family while still advocating equal rights for a minority group of people who have done me no wrong and have committed no crime.

There have been incidents where mental illness encouraged gay behavior in some straight men. There are people who have taken these individual incidents to paint the entire gay community as having a curable mental illness. This assertion is ignorant and dishonest. Humans have a minority percentage of people who were born gay. This was not a choice or anything that pills and therapy would ever cure. It’s time to honestly address this reality and finish writing one of the last chapters in American tolerance and freedom.

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