What Jordan Peterson gets wrong about freedom

Do you believe in free speech? Are you passionate about that right? Do you believe it’s an individual right, not something based on group identity? Not based on being part of a group, or not being part of a specific group. When I say freedom of speech, that doesn’t mean freedom not to be offended.... Read more »

Is slavery a Judeo-Christian value?

The term “Judeo-Christian” was created to address the persecution of Jewish people. The term was used to counter anti-Semitism in the United States during the 1940s. Although this phrase is inclusive to the Jews and the Christians, it excludes everyone else. “We the People” is a far better term. It’s inclusive to all people. “We... Read more »

Jordan Peterson’s free speech and science orgasm

There was a rumor A Free Speech Conservative Who’s also educated and articulate about science Americans didn’t believe it Until……… An interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman went viral. It’s true. Oh yes, it’s true. Reference: Channel 4 News’ full, fiery interview with clinical psychologist and Professor Jordan B Peterson Jordan Peterson debate on... Read more »
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Ben Shapiro ELBOW DROPS Neil deGrasse Tyson

Have we made any progress in space exploration over the past 45 years? Is Neil deGrasse Tyson a science fascist who wants our country run by an army of Sheldon Coopers? Was Mike Pence justified in making a speech on the House floor that evolution is only a theory? Is the discipline of science simply... Read more »

Dennis Prager’s God delusion

Dennis Prager of Prager University recently released a video titled, “Is there life after this life?” which showcased his staggering ignorance of world history and world religions. He claims to have knowledge of god and the afterlife. If there is a god there must be an afterlife. It’s that simple. Right? But actually deists believe... Read more »

ASAP Science’s horrible math god video

ASAP Science is a YouTube channel that claims it’s about interesting science. But they created a video that’s so bad it deserves to be ridiculed out of existence. Everyone at ASAP Science that was involved with this presentation should retract, apologize profusely, and promise to never post nonsense like this ever ever ever again on... Read more »

Sam Harris vs Ben Shapiro – Best of podcast

In an episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris spoke with Eric Weinstein and Ben Shapiro about various topics including free will and morality. For the most part the conversation was informative, but uneventful. Things got interesting when an audience member asked Sam Harris what atheist book would be used to build a society... Read more »

The Analects of Confucius best quotes

Socrates is arguably the greatest Western philosopher, Confucius is arguably the greatest Eastern philosopher. Confucius lived approx. 500 BC while Socrates was approx. 400 BC. While Socrates focused on guiding individuals from kings to slaves on finding the answers to questions they were seeking through self-inquiry and examination, Confucius provided both universal philosophy and guidance... Read more »

Ben Shapiro’s staggering ignorance of evolution

In an interview, Ben Shapiro referred to a materialist world view as one where we are a random assemblage of atoms. I can’t imagine anyone who understands the basic fundamentals of evolution making such an odd comment. Shapiro has read books by Sam Harris. I would suggest he reads one by Richard Dawkins called, The... Read more »

We can’t know God?

It’s strange to hear someone religious claim that we can’t know God while peddling a religious book that claims to have detailed descriptions of God. Would J. K. Rowling claim that we can’t know Voldemort? We can’t know Gollum, or Spock, or Spiderman? Let me tell you about God. He’s singular, male, all-powerful, jealous, all-knowing,... Read more »