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Lightning God murdered by science. Who’s next?

It used to be thought that when a terrible lightning storm caused wreckage and fires to towns that it was the result of an angry god. God is pissed off and he’s going to shove a lightning bolt right down your throat. Why is he pissed? Might be because of something someone did thousands of... Read more »

The Machiavellian perfection of god

God is perfect! He is just and holy and merciful. That is how Christian and Muslim apologists often begin a public debate with an atheist. Once they’ve established the definition of perfection they are then able to make their case for believing. If god is perfect he is a transcendent foundation for moral values. But... Read more »

Christianity and Islam will die like the others

There is a mass graveyard of dead religions. The very first imaginations of supernatural things to explain what could not be explained during that time reside here. Countless religions that are completely unrecognizable as no one currently lives who remembers them and they existed long before humans began to write. Many others had writings, but... Read more »