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James Kirk Wall Presents the Story of Adam and Eve

Once upon a time a singular all-powerful being with male reproductive parts made the earth and the stars. This Supreme Being made humans to look like him, except for the women who didn’t look quite like him as there were some minus and additional parts. Like the absence of a beard for example. Along with... Read more »

Sweeney Todd challenges bigotry against men and their shaving utensils

It’s perfectly fine for a man to have admiration for a good razor. But society dictates that admiration is where the relationship must end. Man is not allowed to have a friendship with his razor. Such a relationship is frowned upon. Shaving utensils are not living. They don’t talk. They don’t have feelings. Any man... Read more »

God hates the Chicago Cubs

There is no greater evidence for an all-powerful being than the dismal legacy of the Chicago Cubs. A divine curse provides the only logical explanation. If there is an all-powerful and all-knowing being of which everything that happens is by his will, these things are self-evident. God loves New York, has a warm fondness for... Read more »

A Universe All About Nothing

George – I’ve got it Jerry! Nothing! It’s all about nothing! Jerry – What’s about nothing? George – Everything! Life the universe and everything! It’s all about nothing! Jerry – Nothing? George – Nothing! Jerry – But what about “first cause” and “let there be light?” George – Nope! It’s all about nothing. Jerry –... Read more »

Republicans Pleading for Atheist Vote

In a startling turn of events, Republican presidential candidates are now catering to the rapidly growing atheist vote to achieve victory in November. The muddied and bruised Presidential contenders desperate to beat Obama are pulling out all the stops. Newt Gingrich recently stated that he was just kidding about a trust issue with people who... Read more »

If only God was married

Wife: Don’t put it there! God: Why not? Wife: You said that you didn’t want them to eat from it. God: I told them not to. Wife: But you know they’ll do it anyway. God: Yes Wife: Go put it on the other side of the planet. God: Yes dear Wife: What are you making?... Read more »