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Islam is worse than Christianity

When Christianity is criticized and ridiculed, no one mentions anything about Islam. When Islam is criticized and ridiculed, people scream, “What about Christianity? Radical Muslims are just doing what Christians did 400 years ago!” While it’s true that 2015 Saudi Arabia does bare striking resemblance to 1692 Salem Massachusetts, how is that supposed to be... Read more »

Dear John Kasich, you have no idea what a Judeo-Christian value is

Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich is running for President. I would argue that he represents the most capable candidate on the Republican side who has the biggest heart. I would argue that Kasich cares deeply about the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. Out of all the self-proclaimed Christians, he is the most Jesus-like if... Read more »

Dear Ted Cruz, get off your knees if you want to be President

The last time our President spoke to God we invaded Iraq. “God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq.” You heard God say that right? Didn’t you? Since then many have claimed that the invasion was a disastrous mistake based on bad data. A great loss of blood and wealth. These people obviously have... Read more »

May courage and strength continue to be with France

Once again there is blood in Paris through the hands of terrorists. What happened there could easily happen in the U.S. Everyone must be prepared to do what is necessary in the face of these attacks on an open society. After the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, France showed the world that they were not... Read more »

Dear Marco Rubio, someone can be a welder and a philosopher

The United States is a Republic. The people select their representatives and the representatives create and enforce policy for governing the city, state, and nation. The power of a Republic depends on the education of the people. If the masses are educated, power belongs to the many. If the masses are ignorant, power belongs to... Read more »

Starbucks war on Christmas my ass!

Oh the humanity! The new Starbucks holiday cups won’t have a snowman. This is obviously intended to smear Bible believers. After all, it was the giant Frosty that led the Jews out of Sweden. To make no reference at all to this historic account is the worst form of blasphemy. And what of the pine... Read more »

Dr. Ben Carson is nuts. Making up stories is not necessary.

Dr. Ben Carson blamed god for his house not selling. “We couldn’t sell our other house. And I said Lord, I pay my tithes. I do all this stuff, so how come we can’t sell this house?” Carson then claims that god intentionally kept his house from selling to land him a sweet tax break... Read more »

Exposing Moses destroys Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The biggest problem I have with religion is it causes otherwise intelligent and good people to idolize things that are intellectually and morally repulsive. Of all the horrifyingly evil passages in the Bible, Numbers 31:17-18 is undoubtedly among the worst. 17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that... Read more »

Would you kill your wife for God?

When Kim Davis refused to marry gay couples, thousands of Christians rallied behind her as apparently they believed that the Bible and faith was to be held higher than the laws of this country. Would these same people be OK with a man that murdered his wife for those very same reasons? When Muslims kill... Read more »

Is it OK to sprinkle blood on the left big toe? Bible provides the answer

You’ve just cut the throat of a goat and you’re wondering where to sprinkle the blood on your followers to officially make them cult leaders. The silly hats are already picked out. Where do you fling the blood? Right between the eyes? On the neck? Belly button perhaps? Left big toe? You can really use... Read more »