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The agnostic philosophy of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists who ever lived. He was also a great philosopher. He didn’t believe anyone should be indoctrinated to a specific style of fighting. Treating a specific style as gospel caused crystallization of the mind, making change difficult. One needs to be flexible and have the ability to... Read more »

Blame Genesis, not Plato, for delays in evolutionary science

When fellow biologists read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species in the 19th century, some outspokenly questioned why they didn’t think of it themselves. The evidence was all around them, especially in human guided breeding of animals such as pigeons and dogs. So why was something so obvious not discovered and well defined centuries if not... Read more »

Evolution made easy for Republican Congressmen

I don’t believe in evolution is just about the most absurd statement anyone could ever make. I’m going to jump out of a plane without a parachute because gravity is just a theory would be a more alarming statement not in regards to the level of delusion but only because of safety concerns. If you’ve... Read more »

Should we celebrate Christopher Columbus?

Should we celebrate historical figures that murdered and enslaved innocent people, or should idolized men such as Moses and Christopher Columbus be labeled as criminals? In regards to Columbus, there is no doubt his ambitions played a tremendous role in history, but should he be herofied? There is much controversy over this issue and two... Read more »

Are Republican creationists killing Mitt Romney?

When it comes to science education, Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts leads the country according to a recent ranking. Massachusetts ranks much higher than President Barack Obama’s Illinois. Science education is an enormous issue for independent voters. It is critical that this country graduates a new generation of a science and engineering literate work force to compete... Read more »

Religion, afterlife and the alternative 101

Religion attempts to provide answers to life after death and the purpose of mankind. It’s time to take an agnostic approach towards religion. Let us clear our minds and begin with a solid foundation. A good initiation is a general study of major Eastern and Western faiths. This would be our broad and shallow Religion... Read more »

Capitalism and opportunity

I obtained my college degree in Business Management at the age of 40. Obviously I didn’t go to college right after high school. For me, high school was a prison. I only wanted to graduate, turn 18, and then get my own place. That’s what I did. At eighteen years old, I was able to... Read more »

The Quest for Truth

To be a philosopher is to dedicate one’s life to the obtainment of knowledge and wisdom and to continuously scrutinize what it true. The truths we have now, or perceive to have, are from observation, perception, experience, what we’ve been taught, and what we’ve been told. Our truths are different in certain respects as we... Read more »

Addressing racism through science and reason

The most valuable lesson I learned in high school was from an exercise in Earth Science. Each student needed to write down 7 attributes of a small white pebble. We were given 15 minutes to do so. Initially I thought this was extremely lame. What a time waster to describe a stupid pebble. Oh well,... Read more »

Black atheists break one more set of chains

There needs to be a stronger black voice in the atheist community. As much as I reject the god of Abraham, anyone of color should reject this fable twice as much as I, and any woman should reject him ten times as much. If someone knocks you down and steps on your throat demanding that... Read more »