27 Definitions of Atheist


1. Atheist – No belief in god

2. Atheist – Lack of belief in god

3. Atheist – We don’t know how the universe began, but we’re really sure it wasn’t that guy

4. Atheist – Far more interested in glorifying life than glorifying death.

5. Atheist – At a certain age belief in Santa is cute. At a certain age it’s not.

6. Atheist – Do you believe in Zeus? That’s how we feel about your god.

7. Atheist – Don’t believe in any gods but your own? We simply take it one religion further.

8. Atheist – Because god sending himself to be sacrificed to himself in order to save us from himself (but only if you believe it) seems a bit irrational.

9. Atheist – We don’t hang garlic on our doors just in case vampires are real.

10. Atheist – Because evolution is a successful scientific theory while creationism is a failed hypothesis advocated by idiots and frauds.

11. Atheist – A belief that jealous men creating a jealous god is the more likely scenario.

12. Atheist – The arrogant belief that the universe wasn’t created especially for us, or that we have a personal relationship with an all-powerful being who occasionally grants us favoritism.

13. Atheist – Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. (Sagan)

14. Atheist – That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. (Hitchens)

15. Atheist – Integrity in thought is worth more than blindness in obedience.

16. Atheist – When strength of character dictates that the rejection of a morally repulsive myth isn’t a choice, but a necessity.

17. Atheist – Rather than pick and choose in a crappy cafeteria, we find a better restaurant, and another, and another, and another.

18. Atheist – There has never been a word of god. Only words of men claiming to speak for god. And that’s a big difference.

19. Atheist – “We don’t know” has never meant, and will never mean, it was magic. Ignorance proves nothing.

20. Atheist – Immoral because we don’t faithfully subscribe to a book that condones slavery and murder or believe that everyone else will be burned forever. But we still love you.

21. Atheist – In realizing that we made a mistake in making gods, we drowned them.

22. Atheist – The tide goes in, the tide goes out, we can explain that. That would be the gravitational pull of the moon, and to a smaller extent, the pull of the sun. Google it!

23. Atheist – Science represents an advancing knowledge of the universe while god represents a retreating ignorance.

24. Atheist – Every supernatural monster winds up being some jerk in a mask.

25. Atheist – Pay attention to the man behind the curtain

26. Atheist Humanist – We rape and kill everyone we want, which is no one.

27. Atheist Humanist – Be good for goodness sake. That’s all you need my friend.

Note - Some of these definitions were inspired if not directly quoted by:
Ricky Gervais
Richard Dawkins
Carl Sagan
Christopher Hitchens
Bill Maher
Bill O'Reilly
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Scooby Doo
Wizard of Oz
Penn Jillette
Santa Claus
And some unknown or forgotten sources

-James Kirk Wall

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