Christian bigots on Fox News get slammed by FFRF


Every time the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) battles and wins for equality, it’s spun as an attack on “religious freedom” by most commentators on Fox News. And this typically happens without any rebuttal on the “fair and balanced” “news” network. But this time their incessant whining for religious entitlement went too far when Elizabeth Hasselbeck compared a notion that the U.S. Navy shouldn't be pushing Bibles to the ISIS persecution of non-Muslims in Iraq.

This prompted a response by FFRF which included the following:
“Let’s be clear, removing Christian privilege so that our government complies with the Constitution is not persecution. Eliminating religious privilege is not the same as eliminating religious freedom. If “ministers of the gospel” get a tax break that is not available to anyone else, the government is correct to end that break. This is simply ending unconstitutional favoritism the government is showing towards religion, as FFRF’s successful lawsuit against the parsonage housing allowance has shown. This is not hostility, it is equality.”

The full response by FFRF can be found here
Christian Privilege and the Fox who cried wolf

The Fox “News” commentary (which includes a self-proclaimed “Constitutionalist”) that sparked the response.

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-James Kirk Wall

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