The worst of evil and the best of good


Some people claim that good and evil are subjective. But aren't there clear examples of each we can identify? I would argue there are.

The Worst of Evil:
• Butchering unarmed men, women and children
• Destroying history (burning libraries)
• Convicting innocent people and sentencing them to pain and death
• Taking a widows’ land by accusing her of being a witch and having her burned at the stake.
• Purposely spreading disease to innocent people by giving them infected blankets and clothing
• Using people like property
• Forcing people to live in fear
• Rape
• Oppressing women and minorities
• Aiding or abetting in the practice of female genital mutilation
• Blasphemy laws and other extremist censorship of speech and expression
• Inhumane treatment of animals
• Torturing and recklessly murdering people in the name of religion or country
• Forsaking the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the sick
• Denying opportunity to others that one had himself

The Best of Good:
• Protecting unarmed men, women and children
• Preserving history
• Protecting all people from unjust trial and punishment
• Protecting people from cruel laws and customs
• Curing disease
• Maintaining justice over injustice
• Banning slavery and fighting human trafficking
• Allowing people to live free and in peace
• Protecting women and children from sexual predators
• Promoting equal rights
• Promoting freedom of speech and expression
• Protecting women of all ages from female genital mutilation
• Tolerance of different beliefs
• Protecting animals from inhumane treatment
• Helping people in the name of religion or country
• Caring for the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the sick
• Grant, promote and expand the opportunities of your generation to the next generation

Be Good

-James Kirk Wall

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