Bill O’Reilly provides best response to Global Warming

This 43 second clip made during a Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly exchange years ago is the best common sense approach I’ve seen in regards to the Global Warming issue.

For years the debate about climate change has been focused on evidence instead of solutions in the media. The marketing campaign for climate change concern has not been effective. This is evident by the percentage of people who don’t consider this to be one of the major issues we need to focus on.

But despite a lack of public interest on the issue, great gains have been made to reduce pollution. Technology and process has improved the environment in many areas. For example, we’re now receiving more of our energy from natural gas that emits about half as much carbon dioxide as coal.

In 1970 Congress passed the Clean Air Act. This wasn’t due to evidence of global warming, it was due to health.


We absolutely need to find our way out of fossil fuels, but at the same time we need to be realistic. Fossil fuels are not going away any time soon, so in the meantime, reduce pollution from these energy sources as much as possible while we develop better green energy production alternatives.

An issue that isn’t brought up nearly enough in today’s environmental discussions is the harm caused by factory farms.

Think about the amount of waste that has been reduced because of digital cameras. We have energy efficient vehicles, appliances, excellent waste treatment plants and recycling programs. In order to have a well-defined solution, we need a well-defined problem. Map out the problem areas, and define the best solutions based on the technology we have now, not what “might” happen in the next 20 years. Focus on a cleaner earth, as that’s better for everyone regardless of what your position is on the climate change debate.

-James Kirk Wall

The Future of Coal: New Pollution Rules Choke Old Power Plants – The Wall Street Journal – Rebecca Smith and John W. Miller

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