Satanists are not atheists, Satanists are sissies!


There’s been a lot of outrage over some satanic temple erecting a goat guy monument near the Oklahoma state Capitol. This is an apparent response to a Ten Commandments structure being allowed. Ideally there should be neither, religious symbols don’t belong on public property. However, if they are going to be allowed, there cannot be governmental favoritism of one group over another.

The United States of America is not a democracy. We are a Republic with individual rights and liberties. There are three major threats to freedom that the Founding Fathers wanted to protect us from. The tyranny of a tyrant, the tyranny of the majority, and the tyranny of the church.

The Ten Commandments includes rhetoric that is completely un-Constitutional. According to the First Commandment, no one will worship anything but the god of Abraham, and there are stories in the Bible that justify murdering those who worship other gods. In refreshingly tolerant and brilliant contrast, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights dictates that people can worship anything they want, and this is the law of our country. The Ten Commandments do not belong on public property, especially court houses. The United States is not a theocracy, and if anyone doesn’t like that they don’t have to live here.

What about the proposed Satanist pagan goat guy structure? What is the meaning of this? Some people have mistakenly called this an atheist monument. This is not true. Atheists are not Satanists. Not believing in the divinity of any religion includes rejecting all of the ancient figures with super powers.

Why is a monument to Satan causing so many people to be upset? What’s the big deal? A reputation of being big, bad and evil? According to the Bible, this guy is nothing compared to the angry and jealous god of Abraham. Comparing Satan to god is like comparing Pee Wee Herman to Adolf Hitler. There is no comparison.

Consider the following:
• Committed mass extermination by drowning countless men, women, children, and all other land animals.
• Told one group of people that the land currently occupied by another tribe belonged to them, and he would make it so for a piece of their foreskin.
• Demanded a man be willing to murder his son to prove his loyalty.
• Punishes children if their parents do something he doesn't like.
• Required a human sacrifice to appease his vengeance, but only if you believe it.
• Demands that you love him more than your own family or he’ll burn you for all eternity.
God or Satan?

If someone becomes a Satanist to try and be provocative through worshiping something evil, they’re a sissy. If you truly want to worship something that’s evil, be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. The good people of the Western faiths are not good because of the Bible or the Koran, but despite it. They selectively, through their own set of innate and societal morals, adhere to the verses that are decent and dismiss the verses that are horrid.

If someone becomes a Satanist for satire, that’s understandable; however, that might incur the wrath of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And what if FSM is real? Do you really want to take that chance?

-James Kirk Wall

President of American Atheists Dave Silverman debates the Satanist statue on Fox News

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