Sweeney Todd challenges bigotry against men and their shaving utensils


It’s perfectly fine for a man to have admiration for a good razor. But society dictates that admiration is where the relationship must end. Man is not allowed to have a friendship with his razor. Such a relationship is frowned upon. Shaving utensils are not living. They don’t talk. They don’t have feelings. Any man claiming to be friends with such inanimate objects should be sent to the asylum! They are a menace!

But what if our culture has got it wrong? What about the child and the teddy bear? The child is interactive with the toy. He or she speaks with the object of cloth and buttons. Some children even claim that the bear talks back. But they are not considered crazy. This is perfectly acceptable.

Some argue that it’s acceptable because they are only children. Adults are not allowed to have relationships with toys. At a certain age they toys are taken away. But there are other objects adults claim to have relationships with. A rabbit's foot, 4 leaf clover, lucky penny for example. And how many adults are wondering around with a crucifixion symbol around their neck? This “t” shaped thing doesn't talk. It doesn't have feelings. And yet adults hold and kiss this thing. Do they belong in the asylum?

So the next time you see someone dancing and singing to their razor, just let it be. They’re not harming anyone. And what they’re doing isn't really all that odd when you think about it.

-James Kirk Wall

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